We take part in the event “The Days of Open Doors of Civil Society Organisations”

The Days of Open Doors of Civil Society Organisations will be held from May 25th -27th 2017, with the opportunity for citizens to participate in numerous creative workshops, lectures, performances, actions and to get acquainted with various socially useful projects and programmes, as well as with the possibilities of volunteering in civil society organisations. The event is organized by the Governmental Office for Civil Society Organisations of the Republic of Croatia, which is an annual event held throughout Croatia.Our Association has been involved in Open Doors Day and will hold a workshop and gathering for all interested volunteers (former, present and future ones) on May 26th, in order to share information about the work and the activities of the Association, as well as the possibilities to contribute to the society with their work, activism and good will.

You can find more information about the event on the link or contact us by email and sign up for your participation no later than 23.05.2017. See you!