Programs and projects

The Association is systematically working on upgrading existing programs and projects and investing in the development and creation of new ones. All projects / programs are based on the needs of the users, in accordance with the mission and values and principles of the Association’s activities, and taking into account the economic, social and political developments at the local, national and international levels.

Programs for preschool children and their parents

Verified as a shorter pre-school program by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports and the Education and Training Agency, thus integrated into the state curricula of pre-school education.

Programs for school children and their parents

Program activities aimed at preventing unacceptable behavior and empowering children’s prosocial behavior, empowering parenting competences for education, to ensure supportive conditions for changes in children’s behavior in the family environment, and to encourage a school-based focus on children’s needs.

Counseling program and psychosocial support for children, young people and families at risk

The program aimed at providing counseling services and psychosocial support to children, young people and families, or providing support to individuals and families in difficult and stressful life situations.

Humanitarian aid program

The program provides humanitarian aid through nutrition assistance, winter survival assistance by purchasing firewood and reimbursing costs for the purchase of medicines or medical supplies for the poor and socially excluded families in the area of the City of Zagreb and the County of Zagreb.