“Open Days of Local EU Projects in Croatia”

“Open Days of Local EU Projects in Croatia” is the way Croatia participates in a wider campaign run by the European Commission under the title “Europe in My Region”, aimed at encouraging citizens to discover and learn more about EU projects.

In the period from 6 – 13 May 2017, our Association actively participated in this manifestation and opened its door to all those interested in implementing EU projects.

In 2015 and 2016, Association “Children First” implemented the project “Strengthening ourselves for support to children, young people and families at risk”, in partnership with the Association “Prevention” from Nova Gradiška and the Zlatni cekin” Polyclinic from Slavonski Brod. We shared our experience about project implementation with our beneficiaries and the local community. We responded to questions about the project goals, target groups, results achieved, how to report on EU project, how to negotiate partnerships, etc., and we shared the promotional materials with the interested individuals.

We hope that the “open door” of our Association and promotion of the EU project implementation encouraged someone to apply for EU funds. We motivated citizens to discover and learn more about projects funded by the European Union and contributed to the idea of ​​”Open Doors of Local EU projects in Croatia.

More information you can find on our Facebook page, where we published some project information throughout the week (statements, project implementation experience, photos taken during the implementation …).