French students visited our playgroup

A group of French students, gathered in the organisation Solidaires pour un sourire or “United for the Smile”, have designed a humanitarian project within the framework of their study and decided to collect donations for beneficiaries of our programme “Through Play To School”.

On March 28th, 2017 the students visited the programme activities and together with mothers and children from our playgroup spent a nice sunny afternoon, planting spring flower seedlings, drawing, playing with children and introducing cultural differences to each other. We also had a chance to try some of the French delicacies, and the students enjoyed delicacies prepared by mothers – our beneficiaries.

On their Facebook page, they said that in Croatia, besides enjoying the breathtaking landscapes, through our playgroup they had the opportunity to see the bright faces of children, mothers and our volunteers, to see children full of emotions and smiles, as well as intercultural exchange. They thanked us for the wonderful experience and opportunity to provide support to our beneficiaries. Also, they thanked everyone who supported them and helped them “during this adventure”.

Thank you for your visit and beautiful moments!