Another half-year of work on prevention of unacceptable behaviour of children is behind us. More than 70 children, their parents and class teachers completed the journey we started at the beginning of this school year. Through the program “Prevention of unacceptable behaviour of children” and workshops with the children, their parents and teachers, counselling for […]

Last night, in the “Oris – House of Architecture” (Kralja Držislava 3, Zagreb), a mega project of the underwater tunnel Eurasia was presented. On this occasion, there were wonderful works on the wall, made by pre-school children participating in our programme “Through Play to School” in “Zrno” kindergarten. We are so proud!  

We can contribute to reducing the number of violent, intolerant and other unacceptable forms of behaviour through preventive programs, preparing children for the opportunities and temptations they expect in their lives. This primarily includes the development of a positive self-image, self-esteem and self-confidence, the methods of non-violent conflict resolution and communication skills. Apart from direct […]

In our “Through Play to School” programme we work hard! With the help and professional support of our group leaders, children and mothers are always engaged in creative activities and creative games through which they adopt new knowledge and skills. The quality of life of children is the responsibility of adults, primarily of their parents, who […]

Association “Children First” implemented the project “Be Important!” in partnership with Children’s Home “Dugave” and Telecentar, and the implementation was financed by the City of Zagreb. Within the project we implemented activities of group and individual counselling for girls of the girl’s group and education of digital skills for the experts and volunteers of our Association […]

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