In the context of adopting the new Law on the Ombudsman for Children, the Coordination of the NGOs for Children in Croatia is concerned with the adoption procedure, with the content of the new law as well as with the comments in the public consultation on this law. The Coordination of the NGOs for Children […]

On Friday, May 26, on the occasion of the “The Days of Open Doors” of our Association, we organised a social gathering and a workshop with the volunteers called “Veni, vidi, volunteer”. Thus, our volunteers arrived and had a good time, and we gave them an encouragement for future volunteering. After the initial presentation of the Association […]

In this year’s event, “The Days of Open Doors of Civil Society Organisations”, our Association will participate in a workshop for volunteers called “Veni, vidi, volunteer”. The workshop will be held on May 26th, in the premises of Association “Children First”, from 14,00 to 16,00 hours. Besides presenting the work and the activities of the […]

The Days of Open Doors of Civil Society Organisations will be held from May 25th -27th 2017, with the opportunity for citizens to participate in numerous creative workshops, lectures, performances, actions and to get acquainted with various socially useful projects and programmes, as well as with the possibilities of volunteering in civil society organisations. The event is […]

We presented our programme “Through Play to School” in Velika Gorica and together with our partners, associates and beneficiaries celebrated the International Family Day! After the greeting speech and the beautiful words of Arijana Mataga Tintor, Advisor in the City of Velika Gorica (City Office for Preschool Education, Education and Sports) and Sanda Puljiz Vidović, Director of the Center for Children, […]

“Open Days of Local EU Projects in Croatia” is the way Croatia participates in a wider campaign run by the European Commission under the title “Europe in My Region”, aimed at encouraging citizens to discover and learn more about EU projects. In the period from 6 – 13 May 2017, our Association actively participated in […]

A group of French students, gathered in the organisation “Solidaires pour un sourire“ or “United for the Smile”, have designed a humanitarian project within the framework of their study and decided to collect donations for beneficiaries of our programme “Through Play To School”. On March 28th, 2017 the students visited the programme activities and together with mothers and children from […]

On the occasion of the International Social Work Day on March 21st, 2017, the Croatian Association of Social Workers (HUSR) organized, in cooperation with its member associations, a wide range of professional conferences, symposiums, public forums, round tables and other activities throughout Croatia. The aim was to point out the current social situation and empower […]

Today, with pride and joy we are holding our published Annual Report for 2016! And you can look at what we have been doing in 2016. 2016 was another year in which we were very active in the field of the protection of the well-being of children, young people and families. With the same enthusiasm […]

KentBank  opened its branch office in Dubrava district of Zagreb and decided to donate a certain amount of money for humanitarian purposes, in order to help children and disadvantaged groups in the society. They recognized the work of our Association and donated 10.000 HRK to us on that occasion. We thank KentBank for the trust […]

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